Deep UV LEDs Have Highest Output Power

Dowa Electronics Materials has successfully developed a deep ultraviolet LED chip, which it says feature the world’s highest output power of 90mW, with a peak wavelength of 310 nm, and dimensions of 1 mm × 1 mm.

Deep ultraviolet lights with a wavelength of 310 nm are used for curing and skin therapy. Replacing conventional mercury and excimer lamps with these LEDs enables equipment to be smaller and mercury-free. With the advantages of long life time and power saving, this product is expected to find new applications.

Combining a high-quality AlN template with unique crystal growth technology, Dowa has been prepared for a mass production for deep ultraviolet LED chips, which boast the world’s highest output power in the disinfection wavelength of 280 nm.

For the wavelength of 310 nm, combining this technology and the fine-structured sapphire substrate developed by Oji Holdings Corporation, Dowa proceeded to improve luminous efficiency, enabling a 20 percent higher output power compared to current products, resulting in an output power of 90 mW, the highest in the world for the wavelength of 310 nm.


Display Assembly With UV-Cure Adhesives

Touch Panel Displays

Now, a new technology—high-power LEDs—is emerging as an alternative to mercury arc lamps for curing LOCAs. Compared with arc lamps, LEDs offer potentially higher yields and improved quality without compromising throughput. LEDs may also provide process yields that equal or exceed those achieved using optically clear tape, while providing better optical quality and more flexibility for use on a wide range of surfaces.


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Thanks to UV curing, UV LEDs should become a $270M business by 2017

Yole Développement announced today its new report “UV LEDs: Technology & Application Trends” which presents UV LED new applications and associated market metrics for the period 2012-2020, and a deep analysis of UV LED technology and UV LED lighting industry.