About Us

UV LED Curing Community

This online Community was formed to focus specifically on fostering UV LED curing. We hope to work with other publications, websites and associations to provide them with another outlet for their news, events, and information as an added resource to their reader and members. We will provide a moderated community forum where all industry participants, consistent with our charter, can interact share ideas and exchange information.

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Let me introduce myself. I am Paul Mills, a long-time UV curing ‘cheerleader’.

I attended my first Radtech meeting in 1994, helped commercialize UV powder coatings in 1998, and have been working with UV LEDs since 2002. It’s been a long haul – but it feels like we are on the brink of exciting and radical changes in how UV works.

UV LEDs are a big part of that change. They are attracting new audiences to UV and transforming how others think about the technology. Whether it’s digital printing, flexible electronics, or conformal coatings, UV LEDs are making new inroads, but we still have a great deal to learn about where UV LEDs will fit in and what applications will benefit the most.

All of us involved with this effort want to keep the website focused on generating awareness and disseminating knowledge about UV LED curing and its’ capabilities. Soon, I hope to be adding features like blogs and forums where visitors can share information more interactively and delve deeper into specific topics. I will be vigilant in keeping the site non-commercial. We do not want it to become a sales pitch for any company or to have users reluctant to ask a question out of suspicion that a sales-person will call. That being said, we want the greatest number of industry experts to participate so that we can grow the UV LED curing market.

Finally, I welcome your input – including your suggestions, comments and criticism so that we can make the UV LED Curing Community something you will want to visit and contribute to.

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Community Charter

The UV LED Curing Community was founded to expand the market opportunities and promote education of UV LED curing solutions by providing a non-commercial venue where market participants can share, educate, and expand their UV LED curing knowledge, with the ultimate goal of accelerating UV LED technology adoption.

The Community has two primary purposes:

  • Provide a forum for UV LED curing conversations
  • Foster communication between suppliers and consumers of UV LED solutions
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Below are commonly asked questions regarding the UV LED Curing Community. If you have further questions that are not answered below, please send an email with your question to info@uvledcommunity.org. A representative will respond shortly.

Q1: Why was the UV LED Curing Community formed? The UV LED Curing Community was formed to actively educate and inform about this rapidly changing technology that provides advanced capabilities, improves operating economics, and is better for the environment. The UV LED Curing Community is committed to educating, defining, and promoting industry guidelines that further increase the already rapidly growing market.

Q2: Was utilizing existing industry forums like RadTech, IMI or others considered? The Community will work directly with RadTech, IMI and others to promote UV LED curing. In fact those forums and others already promote energy curing products. The Community is unique by focusing on a subset of all energy curing, namely UV LED curing.

Q3: Wasn’t there a UV LED Curing Association? What Happened to that? In 2011 a small group of leading suppliers launched The UV LED Curing Association (which has since disbanded). A key difference between this new community and the previous association is the idea of open participation. While the association was organized and operated by a limited group of companies, this UV LED Community is open to any company or organization that is consistent with the Community charter. We are convinced that broader participation will lead to more value for its users.

Q4: What are the objectives of the Community? The primary objective is to increase the knowledge base of and promote the use of UV LED curing solutions across a broad spectrum of applications. This may include but aren’t limited to printing, adhesives, coatings, repairing, decorating, monitoring, and others.

Q5: How can companies become involved with the Community? Please see the Join page for more information on joining the Community.